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Nils Norman – Picturesque Sketches: After Léon Becker (c) Kristof Vrancken | De Unie Hasselt-Genk
21 October 2014

Artworks in De Unie you can still visit

October 5th was the final day of the summer program of De Unie. We celebrated this large kick-off summer with the sound performance Het Geluid van Hasselt- Genk. But as curator Tom Van Gestel describes it so beautifully, De Unie is "an event without an end". sVarious artworks remain permanently on display and new artworks will be available in the near future. Here is an overview of all the artworks you still can visit: In Hasselt: Circumstance - Periphery Songs - at Z33 Kanaal Paviljoen - at Quartier Canal  Citybooks - to listen at the Provincial Limburg Library Felice Varini - Trois ellipses ouvertes en désordre - until November 16 at the Skylounge of Radisson Blu Hotel

9 September 2014

De ROCK show ALTITUDE – Saturday 13.09

Three weeks before De ROCK show closes its doors, we are climbing high. On Saturday, september 13 from 2 p.m. until late at night, the artists Jean Bernard Koeman and Erik Odijk organize an evening with guided tours, lectures, performances and a magnificent movie night on the theme of ROCK – mountaineering, mountain hiking, (the encapsulation of the) jungle, volcanoes and meteorites... In short: immerse yourself in the world that is called De ROCK show! Composition program: Jean Bernard Koeman, in collaboration with Erik Odijk and Franziz Denyz 2 pm - 5 pm in the Emile Van Doren museum 2 pm: Reception and presentation Reception to the Emile Van Doren museum with coffee, tea and typ

28 August 2014

Raise the Roof now in front of the station of Genk

The artwork Raise the Roof is now on display at the front of the train station in Genk. At first the artwork of Maurer United Architects was placed on platform 9 of the station, right underneath the roof structure that inspired Maurer United. Now the sculpture has moved to the square in front of the station, where also the busses stop. Here, Raise the Roof can grow out to be a real meeting spot in the city centre of Genk.

Z33 – De Unie Hasselt-Genk – Felice Varini – Trois Ellipses Ouvertes en Désordre – (c) Kristof Vrancken
28 July 2014

Nice review of Varini’s artwork

Dezeen Magazine published a nice article with photos on his website about Felice Varini’s “Trois ellipses ouvertes en désordre”.  Felice uses the roofs and facades of 99 buildings in Hasselt’s city centre to create an enormous painting. You can read the article/view the photos here.

Z33 – De Unie Hasselt-Genk – Krijn de Koning – 09 (c) Kristof Vrancken / Z33
13 June 2014


On June 21, the Unie Hasselt-Genk will be launched during an inspiring kick-off day. That’s the start of a series of summer activities that you will remember long after summer! According to curator Tom van Gestel, this is “an event without an end".  During the launch day, you can discover the works of art, projects and exhibitions, listen to interesting talks by artists, and bump into musicians improvising on the themes of the brand new city tunes for Hasselt and Genk. At 16.00 sharp, you can witness the official start at Culture House Z33 and, on that evening, we will warmly welcome you to a dazzling opening party at the EXIT-exhibition by MAD-faculty in Waterschei. The party will t

Z33 – De Unie Hasselt-Genk – Kanaal Paviljoen – (c) Kristof Vrancken
10 June 2014

Feel like organising an activity in De Unie Hasselt-Genk yourself

De Unie Hasselt-Genk wants to create new connections between both cities, as well as make the existing ones more visible. And you can participate! Organise an activity which, in one way or the other, brings the cities of Hasselt and Genk or its residents closer together. Your activity will be incorporated into the UiT in De Unie calendar and will be visible on the social media channels of De Unie. Let us know what and where you want to organise something. Send an email to with a concise summary of your proposition and we will tell you what to do in order to be incorporated into the calendar. What? Call to all organisations and individuals from Genk and Hasselt to organise ac