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Tomás Saraceno

Kattevennen, Cosmodrome – Genk

Tomás Saraceno has a great fascination for cobwebs because of the complex structures they often display. He not only investigates the physical complexity of the structures, but also seeks linkages with present-day science (sociology, astronomy) which increasingly uses the web as a metaphor for understanding the structure of the universe. The theme of microcosm to macrocosm as evinced in the course leading from the Emile Van Doren Museum to the Cosmodrome is a fundamental element in his work.

The artwork of Tomás Saraceno is still under development and will be completed later this year.

Tomás Saraceno

°1973 Tucumán (AR), lives and works in Berlin (DE)

Tomás Saraceno creates projects and installations in the form of spheres, bubbles, spider webs, neural networks or cloud formations. In his utopian and visionary projects, he explores alternative forms of life for the future. His works are invariably based on structures that exist on earth in the natural world or that were developed by science.


The domain Kattevennen is one of the six entrance gates to the National Park Hoge Kempen. Each entrance gate is embellished with a nature theme. Kattevennen, with its Cosmodrome as the most prominent landmark, features the theme of the macrocosm.


At the Genk entrance to the Hoge Kempen National Park there is a huge star sphere. Cosmodrome is a magical cinema about the cosmos. Inside, visitors float above the clouds and make a fantastic journey through space.
Cosmodrome is a high-tech 360º-spectacle with shooting planets and burning stars. Here, visitors experience the universe like astronauts, replete with a visit to Frank De Winne’s space station. This gigantic dome houses a full-dome projection system, its roof forming a huge screen on the inside. Surrounded by moving images and crystal-clear sounds, visitors find themselves literally immersed in the action!

From 5 April to 31 October, ‘In the clouds’ lets visitors explore the wonderful world of flying. Freedom, adventure, soaring through the clouds … At Kattevennen-Cosmodrome the art and science of flying can be discovered in a unique setting of clouds.

Cosmodrome is also hosting the following exhibition during the summer of 2014:

About the location

Kattevennen, Cosmodrome (planetarium)
Planetariumweg 18-19 – Genk

OPEN: Mon-Fri 9a.m.-5p.m. | Sat-Sun 1p.m.-5p.m.


The Cosmodrome is wheelchair-accessible, the Observatory is only accessible via the stairs. There are also accessible sanitary facilities. To access the disabled parking, please ring at the barrier.