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Zoro Feigl – Beneath the Surface

Molenvijverpark – Genk

In the Molenvijverpark, right on the microcosm-macrocosm course, Zoro Feigl creates a moving sculpture in the Mill Pond. Rippling and wavy water testifies of underwater activity. A trail of slowly moving bubbles appears, like shooting carp in a wild mating dance. Sometimes swarming below the surface like a school of eals, or like a monster thrashing about in the water, the work reveals itself as a constant dance in the water.

A project of Z33 and FLACC, in the context of De Unie Hasselt-Genk.
Produced by FLACC, workplace for visual artists (Genk)

Zoro Feigl

°1983, lives and works in Amsterdam

Zoro Feigl makes moving installations that come to life – they float, spin, make waves and bounce. With his work, Feigl explores ways in which energy manifests itself visibly. His installations, made of industrial materials, always hover on the boundary between control and chance, physics and poetry. For De Unie Hasselt-Genk, following his residency at FLACC Genk, Zoro Feigl realised a new work.

The Molenvijver (Mill Pond)

The Molenvijver (Mill Pond) was originally a very wet area, through which the Dorpbeek brook flowed. This Dorpbeek drained the area and once powered a watermill. In 1967, the city park was constructed. The marshes were filled with backfill and the wet meadows were drained. The Molenvijver was maintained and deepened, and a second pond was constructed. The beds of the Dorpbeek were provided with fixed embankments. The brook continues to feed fresh water into the fishpond. Farther east, the large plain was drained and repaired. The water mill dates from the 9th century and was operational until about 1930. Currently it houses a drinking establishment. Aside from the natural beauty of the Molenvijverpark surroundings, the area is host to a number of other attractions that further emphasise the role of this area as a city park.

More about the Molenvijver (Mill Pond)

About the location

Molenstraat 68 – Genk

OPEN: the work of Zoro Feigl can be visited permanently.

The work by Zoro Feigl is accessible for wheelchair-users and there is public parking for disabled parking permit holders.